Renn Fest

Renn Fest 2014

2014 Texas Renn Fest

Every fall, I attend a Renaissance Festival. (Sometimes, I go several times in one season.) I started with Atlanta’s Renn Fest when I lived there in the mid-90s, then moved to Kansas City for seven years, and then finally to Texas, where I have lived for the past ten years. I only starting taking photos during the last three years at the Texas Renn Fest. You are welcome to click on the title links of my Facebook albums for photos of those recent festivals.

Texas Renaissance Festival

2014 Texas Renn Fest:     Visit 1     Visit 2

2012 Texas Renn Fest:     Visit 1     Visit 2     Visit 3

The Texas Renaissance Festival is the Nation’s largest, most acclaimed Renaissance theme park. […] The enchanted 55-acre village comes to life as all of Europe comes to pay homage to the King and Queen with Eight Themed Weekends. Hundreds of costumed performers are showcased in over 200 daily performances. Visitors meander along shaded cobblestone walkways visiting almost 400 shoppes overflowing with unique arts and crafts of offering delicious foods and beverages. SOURCE