Guest Visit to Intro Class

The Director: Key Concepts

history: director as late development?
(choreagos to prompter to actor-manager to director)
interpretor vs. creator
(typical American vs. European notions of director)
auteur vs. collaborator
(Robert Wilson vs. Joseph Chaikin)
concept vs. gimmick
(Ian Rickson with Martin Sheen as Hamlet in an insane asylum)
concept vs. problem-solution
(McTier’s Big Love)
unified production
(Richard Wagner’s gesamtkunstwerk)
personal styles: forest vs. trees
price vs. production values

Key Directors from History

Georg, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen
Richard Wagner and Gesemtkunstwerk
Max Reinhardt and Crowds and Regiebuch
Constantine Stanislavski and Psychological Realism/Method
Vsevolod Meyerhold and Constructivism/Biomechanics
Bertolt Brecht and Epic Theatre
Jerzy Grotowski Towards A Poor Theatre
Peter Brook The Empty Space

Recent Interpretations of Tartuffe

Directorial Interpretations: Moliere’s Tartuffe

David McTier’s Recent Work

David’s Website: Directing Gallery