The Next Adventure

High on my bucket list is seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Determined to make this happen sooner rather than later (or not at all), I recently bought my r/t Canadian train ticket to go from Winnipeg to Churchill, a small town on the Hudson Bay, arriving on New Year’s Eve. This is polar bear country, and there are no roads to Churchill—just over-priced regional planes and the more affordable ViaRail train. The train trip is very slow: 40+ hours (2 nights) each way, but I’ll have a sleeperette with hot meals provided and access to a shower. The price is manageable, since the Canadian dollar is low, and I am buying so far in advance. I also will be a senior (60) by the time I travel, and four of my six nights will be on the train.

Life from 50-60 was about visiting as many countries as possible with the goal of 60 countries by the time I turned 60. I achieved that goal a few months ago after visiting Cuba. I think that 60-70 will focus on my bucket list of experiences, which includes the Northern Light this winter and then the Oberammergau Passion Play this summer (2020).